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Sizing Guide

Our Fit Process

We have a 6 step fit process that we do with every customer:

As a shoe store, our first and foremost priority is to fit feet from the earliest walkers for babies, and for every step after that. We provide the same customer service whether you are shopping for the first pair of shoes as we do for our adult and senior customers.


Every location has professional fitting experts with over 20 years experience. Together, we have over 150 years of shoe fitting experience. You can count on us getting the best fit on each and every visit.


Determining the need:

We ask a few questions and listen to what the customer tells us so we can get the right footwear for the foot and occasion.


We measure both feet, because the length, depth, and widths may differ on each foot. This will help us determine where to start with sizing.




Based on the sizing, we will recommend the best shoes to fit each customer.  We will bring out several styles to try and we will make an assessment as to how each style fits. The customer will be asked to walk around in the shoes, as this too gives us important fitting information. By watching the creasing in the front of the shoe as well as the heal, we can determine whether we have the correct shoe for their feet. We also look at the gait to make sure the shoe is the right weight and flexibility.


This is ultimately up to you, the wearer of the shoe. For children, we will always let the customer know what fits the best, and they will make the final choice that works best for them.



Keeping the foot healthy:

Children’s feet sweat a pint of liquid a day; each foot! So yes, we will recommend appropriate socks for your child's foot as well.

Building Relationships:

This service is what sets us apart; building long term relationships with the customer keeps them coming back season after season.


Healthy Feet Start on the Right Note

All shoes fit differently. That is why we are here.

Shoes too small can hurt little feet.

Shoes too large can change a child's gait.

The right fit is important and our main/first priority.

Kids feet sweat a pint of liquid a day per foot, so the right socks are very important as well as shoes made from quality breathable materials.

The Importance of Measuring Your Shoe Size

Our feet change as we age. The foot shape of a 1-year-old will not necessarily be the same at 5 or 9 years of age. In regards to adult feet (yes, our feet change too): as the arch begins to fall with age, the foot lengthens and widens too. You are never too old for a foot measurement.

Shoes should be checked for fit every 3 months for the first 3 years of life, 4 months through the ages of 4-6, and 5 months for 6-9 years of age.

The Downside of Hand-Me-Down Shoes

Hand me down footwear: we do not recommend handing down shoes to your younger children. This is most importantly because the shoe will mold to the first wearer's foot, and then not be comfortable to a different shape foot or a different size foot. A worn shoe will never fit the second wearer as well as the first - the crease may not be in the right spot and hurt the second wearer. If one child "toes in", the other will do so as well even if that is not their nature.

Come in for a Shoe Check!

When you come in for a shoe check to see how your child is developing, and your child has not yet grown, we will let you know that they are not in need yet and recommend when to return. We find that most parents wait too long to have their child’s feet checked for growth.

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